Annual Company Culture Survey

A confidential survey is conducted annually to measure the climate of G.L. Huyett, including management, vision, purpose, workplace comfort & safety, and security, compensation, and environment. An action plan is then implemented by management to address any gaps, issues, negative trends, or opportunities that are identified in the survey.

An employee satisfaction survey is done annually.

Team-Based Hiring

At G.L. Huyett, prospective new hires are interviewed by their future work teams. This provides team members input and ownership into the hiring process and the candidate an opportunity to visualize the work environment and team.

Team-Based Hiring helps prospective new hires visualize the work environment.


Individuals and teams are regularly recognized for their contributions towards the completion of Company goals and objectives. Each month, individuals are nominated by peers and one Employee of the Month is selected by management for their individual contributions and achievements. Throughout the year, G.L. Huyett’s CEO hand types birthday cards and well wishes to employees as part of a spontaneous effort to recognize employees for their contribution.

Tim O'Keeffe, CEO, presents the Employee of the Month certificate.

Company Newspaper

The Shade Tree Almanack is a newspaper the Company publishes monthly that features employee life events, important team accomplishments, words of wisdom, and information about company affairs.

The Shade Tree Almanack is the company newspaper produced every month.

Social Experiences

An Employee Events Committee schedules an array of social events with employees and their families, including Company Picnics, a Fall Festival, parade and carnival rides at the Ottawa County Fair, and other activities. Many work teams have spontaneous team celebrations for birthdays or other life events on a regular basis.

Pumpkins await caring at the annual Fall Festival.

Christmas Party

Each Christmas, employees celebrating anniversaries are recognized for meritorious service as part of an elegant banquet and seasonal celebration of the year’s accomplishments.

Employees are recognized at the Annual Christmas Party.

Community Garden

G.L. Huyett employees support the tillage of vegetables in a specially designed raised-bed garden behind the Company parking lot. Produce is donated to employees and their families, as well as local food pantries.

Freshly planted produce in the Community Garden

Community Engagement

The Company supports a variety of local initiatives, most notably the Annual Project Drive Community Grant Program. Employees volunteer for many of these projects in an effort to give back.

Project Drive accepts grant applications within a 50 mile radius of Minneapolis.

Event Tickets

G.L. Huyett provides employees and their families tickets to the Kansas City Royals, the Kansas City Chiefs, and other entertainment events in the region.

An employee and their family attend a Kansas City Royals game.